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Ship of a New Story

A ship that sets sail for the unknown has always been driven by the belief that what one does succeed and a strong hope that new opportunities will be discovered during the voyage. Ship of a New Story is driven by faith and hope for a positive future with many opportunities where the inner and outer journey is equally important. The destinations we seek with the journey are best for the world – new islands and entire continents. To help us find what we are looking for, we use several sustainability lenses in our binoculars to get the best sharpness and focus so that we navigate correctly. On a ship, all the knowledge and skills must be in place for a trip to be successful. Everyone who designs on Ship of a New Story wants to explore the shift from striving to be the best in the world to be the best for the world. A new worldview is as challenging as moving from a flat earth belief to a circular earth perception.

Ship of a New Story is carried out during a three-year period on a ship during the Almedalen week in Visby and is based on three parts: Part 1 is about enabling the platform of Ship of a New Story for those who are not currently represented in Almedalen to participate – a representative average of Sweden’s population. Part 2 is up to five arenas highlighted on the platform with various programs, panel discussions, dialogues workshops, activities and exhibitors. Part 3 is the story itself, ie a New Story, which means that the ship is not only a metaphor for the shift from best-in-world to best-in-world, but it really is the shift itself.

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Host: Stellan Nordahl with Jens Rinnel and Richard Pålsson

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From insights to action

Dawna Jones works with decision-makers to reach beyond learned limits and use complexity to grow. She shifts perspective to reveal the blind spots blocking forward movement and offers novel approaches for working with complexity. Host, Inspirational Insights podcast. Evolutionary Provocateur podcast. Author: Decision Making for Dummies. Contributor: The intelligence of the Cosmos and From Hierarchy to High Performance

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Format: Podcast

Host: Dawna Jones

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The Insights to Action podcast is available at Dawna’s website, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. If you find Dawna’s work meaningful you can support her through Patreon. Here is an example of her podcast:

Leading in a Bossless company

Michael Pacanowsky is the Gore-Giovale Professor of Business Innovation, and the Founding Director of the Center for Innovative Cultures, at the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business at Westminster College. Michael’s career has focused on uncovering and communicating the deep dynamics of a high performing organizational culture — the core values, principles, and practices that enable an organization and its people to thrive. In the 1980s, his research led him to W. L Gore & Associates, the developer of GORE-TEX ® fabrics, recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies. Over the next 30 years, as a consultant and then a full-time Gore “Associate” focused on strategic change initiatives, he played a key role in helping to shape and sustain the company’s unique culture. In 2013, Michael returned to academic life to reflect on his Gore experiences, explore other outstanding organizational cultures, and articulate the ways organizations can thrive by unleashing the talent, passion, and potential of people at work. This book is one result.

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FiDe – Foundation for intentional Decisions

Fide means to trust in English. Trust is the foundation we need for intentionally co-creating the new paradigm. But what is the new paradigm actually? How can we talk about it? Where does it come from? Why is it needed in these times? How can I co-create it? These are the questions we are going to address in focused dialogues around the following topics:

  • The tree as a metaphor for life’s complexity
  • The Intentional Decision (ID) model as a tool for raising choices
  • The 4 loops that inform our consciousness to make ethical choices
  • The historic evolution of the mechanistic worldview
  • How to make the transition to the new paradigm Intentional Decisions for a Sustainable Future.

An Exploration Journey of the Intentional Decision Model and the shift from becoming best in the world to be best for the World.

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Format: Table dialogue

Time: Friday 27th, 21:30 – 23:00 / Saturday 28th, 21:30 – 23:00

Hosts: Stellan Nordahl and Jens Rinnelt with guests

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Facebook: @ Emprogage / @ BestfortheworldBFW

History of Duality and a new way of classifying inner-outer perspective

The Tree Metaphor

The Intentional Decisions model


Emprogage’s way of working

Part of the Concepts for Change – How and What series, we will explore Emprogage’s self-organizing way of working based on a living organism metaphor – a tree – with a cell structure that is currently co-owned by 15 humans with diverse experiences united by making intentional decisions for contributing to a direction that is best for the world.

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Format: Dialogue with Emprogagers

Time: Friday 27th, 19:00 -20:30

Hosts: Jens Rinnelt (co-founder of Emprogage), with further co-founders of Emprogage

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Facebook: @Emprogage


Opening Best for the World (BFW) Broadcasting

Learn from the initiators the intention of co-creating the best for the world live broadcast, the format of the next four days, as well as the way of working. There will be practical information such as where to find the program schedule, how to engage and co-create during the live broadcast. In addition, a peek into the fantastic holistic concepts and contents of the next days is given. Welcome to co-create what is best for the world.

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Hosts: Jens Rinnelt and Stellan Nordahl

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Facebook: @BestfortheworldBFW / @Emprogage

Mind Soul

Radio Intentional Decisions

A lot of people are longing for being the best for the world. At the same time our society has forgotten the inner force every human possesses. In this series on Intentional Decisions we explore the inner force and how it can set free the power of choice – and also meet the longing. How we all can participate in making the shift from becoming the best in the world to be best for the world.

In dialog we meet with people and organisations who show us it is possible. How do they look att the world and how do they navigate and create?

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Format: Dialog with guests

Hosts: Stellan Nordahl and Martin Hansson with guests

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Webpage: Radio Medvetna Val

Facebook: MedvetnaVal

Intentional Decisions and World Views – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Andreas Önnerfors, University of Gothenburg

Intentional Decisions with Future Navigators – Hosts: Malin Olofsson and Stellan Nordahl w guests Michael Sillion and Bert-Ola Bergstrand and Rehan Allahwala

Intentional Decisions with food2change – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Rikard Lundgren

Intentional Decisions in Collaboration – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Tintin Santén, SLU

Intentional Decisions in Innovation – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Pontus Rystedt

Intentional Decisions in Complexity – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Kristian Stålne – Part I

Intentional Decisions in Complexity – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Kristian Stålne – Part II

Intentional Decisions in the Workplace – Hosts: Stellan Nordahl and Jens Rinnelt w guests Tina Gattermann and Will van Inwagen

Intentional Decisions in Play – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Nik Dee Dahlström

Intentional Decisions in Communication – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Moltas Trobäck