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Fundamental Assumptions

In a dialog, we pick some fundamental assumptions of the old paradigm (formerly known as the existing paradigm) and suggest new assumptions.

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Hosts: Madeleine Laurin and Stellan Nordahl

Time: Sunday 29th, 20:30 – 21:15

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Facebook: @ emprogage

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Earth Hour

Mother Earth is calling and inviting humanity to reflect on their life choices. This is the time for reflection. No broadcast during this time.

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Format: No broadcast/preparation for Earth Hour

Host: Gaia

Contact: No technology needed – just join me and open your sense. Take a walk in the forest, at the beach, look into the sky. There you will find me.

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Abintus – How sustainable change comes from within

Changes may be initiated by external impulses, but if they are to sustain, they need to come from, or be anchored, within, being it in the individual, organisation or society. Is “within” the same as intelectual understanding? Then why do we stick to habits that contradict the intellect? How do emotions drive motivation for change and how can we create the desired emotional state?

#bestfortheworld #likestodo #sustainablechange #Consciousness #awareness #Values #Beliefs #choice #selfgrowth #personal development #Abintus #fromwithin #leadership #sustainableleadership

Time: Friday, 27th, 20:30 – 21:30

Format: Dialogue

Host: Tomas Holasek and Mårten Hedin

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SustainME is a Podcast that gives you the ability to move towards sustainability without going extreme. We do this by giving you day to day tools, self-development ideas and sharing inspiring stories that show that its normal to fail, but its the success we should focus on. For we believe that in the end its the small successes in the daily life that make an impact. Ready to make an impact?

#bestfortheworld #likestodo #sustainablechange #Consciousness #awareness #Values #Beliefs #choice #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #fromwithin #leadership #sustainableleadership

Format: Podcast

Hosts: Paolo Nardi and guests

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Follow us on Instagram @sustainme_podcast
Connect with us via Linkedin @company/sustainmepodcast
Join us on Facebook @SustainMEPodcast

The SustainMe Podcast can be listened to on Google Podcasts, Soundcloud and Spotify. Here is a listening example for the episode on food and how it affects our mental and spiritual being as well as the value of social businesses to society with Fredrik Björk, professor at Malmö University.

A Dialogue with the SustainMe team about looking at the COVID-19 situation from a sustainability perspective


A riff on

A podcast in which I, Caspian Almerud, riff on something that’s been on my mind lately.

#bestfortheworld #likestodo #reflection #broadcast

Format: Monolog

Time: Saturday 28th, 17.30 – 18.00

Host: Caspian Almerud

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Facebook: @caspianalmerud

The Podcast Caspian with a riff on is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor. Here are some example episodes:

Caspian with a riff on: Giving Up

Caspian with a riff on: Passion

Caspian with a riff on: Generalists and Specialists

Caspian with a riff on: Problems

Mind Soul

Values “Discover your Deep Guides”

Let’s discover our inner values that drive our actions and are masked by our thoughts and emotions. We will enroll in a meditation, interactive exercises and a talk to stimulate our soul to see itself as it is.

#bestfortheworld #likestodo #meditation #consciousness #transformation #values

Format: Interactive session

Time: Sunday, 29th, 9:30 – 10:30

Host: Mahmoud Tieima

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Facebook: Well-being LAB

Mind Soul

Crisis “From perception to action”

In any crisis, there is a certain outcome that is manifested on the level of the society and the level of the individual where thoughts and emotions are flying around affecting other individuals then onto the society as a whole.
In this talk, I will be tapping into what leads to the hectic outburst and will raise the notion: ‘‘As soon as we change our perception of the income only then can the outcome change”
A Dynamic talk which will include meditation, question answering, and Practical mindful exercises.

#bestfortheworld #likestodo #meditation #consciousness #transformation #opportunity

Format: Talk with answering questions (engage at

Time: Saturday, 28th, 10:30 – 11:30

Host: Mahmoud Tieima

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Facebook: Well-being LAB

Mind Soul

Radio Intentional Decisions

A lot of people are longing for being the best for the world. At the same time our society has forgotten the inner force every human possesses. In this series on Intentional Decisions we explore the inner force and how it can set free the power of choice – and also meet the longing. How we all can participate in making the shift from becoming the best in the world to be best for the world.

In dialog we meet with people and organisations who show us it is possible. How do they look att the world and how do they navigate and create?

#bestfortheworld #likestodo #radioshow #intentionaldecisions #emprogage

Format: Dialog with guests

Hosts: Stellan Nordahl and Martin Hansson with guests

Contact email:

Webpage: Radio Medvetna Val

Facebook: MedvetnaVal

Intentional Decisions and World Views – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Andreas Önnerfors, University of Gothenburg

Intentional Decisions with Future Navigators – Hosts: Malin Olofsson and Stellan Nordahl w guests Michael Sillion and Bert-Ola Bergstrand and Rehan Allahwala

Intentional Decisions with food2change – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Rikard Lundgren

Intentional Decisions in Collaboration – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Tintin Santén, SLU

Intentional Decisions in Innovation – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Pontus Rystedt

Intentional Decisions in Complexity – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Kristian Stålne – Part I

Intentional Decisions in Complexity – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Kristian Stålne – Part II

Intentional Decisions in the Workplace – Hosts: Stellan Nordahl and Jens Rinnelt w guests Tina Gattermann and Will van Inwagen

Intentional Decisions in Play – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Nik Dee Dahlström

Intentional Decisions in Communication – Host: Stellan Nordahl w guest Moltas Trobäck