Best for the World

Bringing people together and having meaningful dialogues, reflections, and intents that move us in the direction of what is best for the world.


A global torch of hope and belief in the present

how we as humans can connect and amplify ideas, projects and systems for a greater good and create a new story of us as humanity.

We see a world where winners don’t define losers. Where I and WE are ONE. A paradigm where everyone can win and where we all take intentional decisions that work for what is best for the world. A paradigm where every person’s choices matters and where we all are whole.

March 2024 – Choose Wisely

Choosing wisely requires us to take a very active role, mentally exploring the various implications of what the various options might be, considering the potential consequences of our choices, and act with intentionality and integrity. It also implicates wisdom to be basis of our decision-making.

March 2023 – Being the Change

The World as we know it is in powerful transformation and all aspects of the world are open for emergence and intentional agency. When you are lost in the darkness, look for the light. Now is time to showcase and experience true agency. Now is the time to see and be the light. So WE can be the first of US.

March 2022 – An Opening for Action

We are in an opening where old truths are abandoned for new. A dynamic opening where our choices are more vital and impactful than ever. How can we apply a ‘both’ and ‘and’ principle? In the long term and short term. In terms of changing and being. In feminine and masculine energy. In urban and rural areas. In new and old. A ‘both’ and ‘and’ embracing complexity and applying all aspects of life, formulating authentic truths, solutions, systems and way of working.

March 2021 – A Year of Change

What have we learned? What if we see the accelerating change curve as a possibility curve? What can and will then happen? People have built up a habit of change. What do we intentionally choose when digitally and physically is not in opposition, when inner and outer is reconnected, when the individual in the collective becomes a person in an organisation and when we redefine society and humanity!?! 

March 2020 – The World in Synchronicity

Due to the Coronavirus and the many resulting lockdowns in cities and of whole countries we are presented with an infinite opportunity. An invitation to collectively pause, take the time to reflect on where we are going, and even more importantly on where we intentionally want to go as persons, teams, organizations, societies, and humanity as a whole.


Live Broadcasting

We bring a global torch of hope in the form of a live broadcast filled with content that is best for the world during 48 hours (March, 22nd-24th 2024).

In March 2020, March 2021, March 2022 and March 2023 we have had more than 150 people and 70 concepts broadcasting during four days (March, 27th-30th 2020) and 48+48 hrs (March, 27th-29th 2021, and March, 25th-27th 2022 and MArch, 24th-26th 2023).

The program’s content is of holistic nature and spans over various topics addressing the person, team, organization and society.


Live Stream

We broadcast 48 hours starting Friday 22nd at 18:00 hrs (CET) from a live studio in Lomma, Sweden.

We will broadcast from this YouTube channel: 

Invitation to co-create

The future is not something we should be equipped to meet –The future is something we create!

We invite you to co-create the future with us. Different ways of how you can contribute with your gifts to the live broadcast are specified under Co-creation and in the main document If you have another idea, want to express your gratitude or start a dialogue, reach out to us via mail at

Welcome to intentionally co-create what is best for the world!

The Society we Create Together

On April 7th 2020 we held a collective sense-making call with many co-creators to together explore ways forward that we also broadcasted live:

Carying the Torch

We are broadcasting March 22nd – 24th 2024. From April and forward Emprogage will carry the torch from, and develop Best for the World to both an yearly event and a pod platform for sustainable change open for individuals and teams of change makers, thought leaders and innovators. Pls contact us at and we will help you to plan, host and engage.


Thank you for the fantastic people who have co-created during the Best for the World live Broadcasting!

Jens Rinnelt, Stellan Nordahl, Caspian Almerud, Janeth Andersson, Elina Lagesson, Maria Appelqvist, Martin Hansson, Michael Sillion, Pontus Rystedt, Mats Rosén, Richard Pålsson, Andreas Önnerfors, Roland Gudinge, Bert-Ola Berglund, Tomas Holasek, Mårten Hedin, Anders Hansson, Mette Koverberg, Kristina Diné, Maria Collinder, Alexandra Skoglund, Emir Mujezinovic, Chitranjan Jindal, Malin Novén, Akim Akhter, Gabrielle Achinioti, Anna Wounsch, Carin Dackman, Isabella Holmquist, Erik Nilsson, Kristian Rönne, Leif Alvgard, Mahmoud Tieima, Karolina Mazetyte, Parham Shafti, Dawna Jones, Madeleine Laurin, Line Mørkbak, Paul Wennerberg, Filip Landgren, Johan Olsson, Jenny Ahlstedt, Lisa Gill, Albin Ponnert, Jonas Petter Bravé, Cecilia Alm, Norbert Netten, Rikard Lundgren, Tintin Santén, Sadaf Khalid, Erika Mikaelsson, Åsa Rydhard, Anneli Mattson, Yasemin Arhan Modéer, Agneta Nyholm, Paolo Nardi, Chinomnso Onwunta, Theresa Thomasson, Emma Ölander, Anja Müller, Lukáš Venclík, Ondřej Nečas, Adam Taki, Viktoria Samuelsson, Jonas Nilsson, Sten Lindquist