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The Doughnut economy and circularity in business models

Janeth Andersson interviews Theresa Thomasson about circularity in business models. Inspired by the book ‘Doughnut Economy’ by Kate Raworth they present practical application methods in order to make changes in small and medium businesses to work within the resource boundaries of our planet. Examples from CAT, Amsterdam, are presented.

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Host: Janeth Andersson and Theresa Thomasson

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SDG Talks

Exploration around application areas and international co-creation possibilities towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Format: Dialogue

Host: Stellan Nordahl and guests

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Facebook: @emprogage

Talk with Sadaf Khalid about SDGs Hackathon Pakistan

Co-creating applications for SDG’s

Updates on the SDG’s focusing on the food system with Michael Sillion

Body Mind Soul is a Center for Acceleration of Change.

We are a non-profit knowledge platform, project and event space and a co-creative community for people who want to support the acceleration of change towards a sustainable way of living. By applying a holistic approach to sustainability and promoting alternative solutions, we spread awareness and promote human connection.

Our co-creative community is an intersection point for Changers of all kinds and empowers people to act, using our joint forces.

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Format: Interview

Host: Anja Müller

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Facebook: @thinkcopenhagen

By the way, they published a Manifesto for how Corona can heal us all. Have you signed it, yet?

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Sustainable leadership in the 21st Century

What does it take to create a leadership for the 21st Century and in particular in the time we are entering. We are starting out with a conversation about the current media paradigm and it’s internal dilemma talking with Erika Mikaelsson about her book Good News for a Change. We continue with a conversation with Åsa Rydhard and Anneli Mattson about bullying at work and the role of the leader to consciously create a healthy culture of inclusion where people feel they belong and are safe. The final session continues with the understanding of Courageous leadership as a model for the 21st Century in the conversation with Yasemin Arhan Modéer and Stellan Nordahl, followed by Agneta Nyholm who brings in the concept of graceful living and leadership in harmony with our nature.

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Format: Dialogue with guests

Host: Maria Appelqvist

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Mind Soul

Rethinking your purpose in life

The aim is to give participants the time and space to take a step back and go deeper into their purpose, and perhaps to even rethink their purpose in life either as individuals or as a company or maybe an entire community. The intention of this session that participants would walk away with:
● A clearly-articulated, written copy of their internal personal purpose in life
● A clearer view of the personal aspirations and beliefs that drive them
● A deep connection with their personal source of energy

#bestfortheworld #likestodo #purposealignment #rethinking #purpose #values #purposedrivenlife

Format: Interactive Reflection

Time: Saturday 28th, 8:00 – 9:00

Host: Karolina Mazetyte

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Facebook: @ purposealignment

Body Mind Soul

Abintus – How sustainable change comes from within

Changes may be initiated by external impulses, but if they are to sustain, they need to come from, or be anchored, within, being it in the individual, organisation or society. Is “within” the same as intelectual understanding? Then why do we stick to habits that contradict the intellect? How do emotions drive motivation for change and how can we create the desired emotional state?

#bestfortheworld #likestodo #sustainablechange #Consciousness #awareness #Values #Beliefs #choice #selfgrowth #personal development #Abintus #fromwithin #leadership #sustainableleadership

Time: Friday, 27th, 20:30 – 21:30

Format: Dialogue

Host: Tomas Holasek and Mårten Hedin

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Mind Soul


SustainME is a Podcast that gives you the ability to move towards sustainability without going extreme. We do this by giving you day to day tools, self-development ideas and sharing inspiring stories that show that its normal to fail, but its the success we should focus on. For we believe that in the end its the small successes in the daily life that make an impact. Ready to make an impact?

#bestfortheworld #likestodo #sustainablechange #Consciousness #awareness #Values #Beliefs #choice #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #fromwithin #leadership #sustainableleadership

Format: Podcast

Hosts: Paolo Nardi and guests

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The SustainMe Podcast can be listened to on Google Podcasts, Soundcloud and Spotify. Here is a listening example for the episode on food and how it affects our mental and spiritual being as well as the value of social businesses to society with Fredrik Björk, professor at Malmö University.

A Dialogue with the SustainMe team about looking at the COVID-19 situation from a sustainability perspective