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Sustainable leadership in the 21st Century

What does it take to create a leadership for the 21st Century and in particular in the time we are entering. We are starting out with a conversation about the current media paradigm and it’s internal dilemma talking with Erika Mikaelsson about her book Good News for a Change. We continue with a conversation with Åsa Rydhard and Anneli Mattson about bullying at work and the role of the leader to consciously create a healthy culture of inclusion where people feel they belong and are safe. The final session continues with the understanding of Courageous leadership as a model for the 21st Century in the conversation with Yasemin Arhan Modéer and Stellan Nordahl, followed by Agneta Nyholm who brings in the concept of graceful living and leadership in harmony with our nature.

#bestfortheworld #likestodo #leadership #sustainability #courage

Format: Dialogue with guests

Host: Maria Appelqvist

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