Body Mind Soul is a Center for Acceleration of Change.

We are a non-profit knowledge platform, project and event space and a co-creative community for people who want to support the acceleration of change towards a sustainable way of living. By applying a holistic approach to sustainability and promoting alternative solutions, we spread awareness and promote human connection.

Our co-creative community is an intersection point for Changers of all kinds and empowers people to act, using our joint forces.

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Format: Interview

Host: Anja Müller

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Facebook: @thinkcopenhagen

By the way, they published a Manifesto for how Corona can heal us all. Have you signed it, yet?

Body Mind Soul

Power of connection

The Power of Connection – A structure for enhancing the quality of life and work
The Power of Connection methodology provides a clear and integrated model to research and enhance the quality of life and work. The basic assumption of PoC is that every outcome is determined by the quality of connection, with ourselves and with others.

Whether it’s health, joy, a meaningful life or sustainable relationships on a personal level, or result, collaboration, leadership, and sustainability in organizations, The Power of Connection helps to determine which connections are strong, hence, they don’t need to be worked on, and which connections are weak and cause friction or problems.

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Time: Friday, 27th, 15:00 – 16.30

Host: Norbert Netten, interviewed by Jens Rinnelt

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