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Ship of a New Story

A ship that sets sail for the unknown has always been driven by the belief that what one does succeed and a strong hope that new opportunities will be discovered during the voyage. Ship of a New Story is driven by faith and hope for a positive future with many opportunities where the inner and outer journey is equally important. The destinations we seek with the journey are best for the world – new islands and entire continents. To help us find what we are looking for, we use several sustainability lenses in our binoculars to get the best sharpness and focus so that we navigate correctly. On a ship, all the knowledge and skills must be in place for a trip to be successful. Everyone who designs on Ship of a New Story wants to explore the shift from striving to be the best in the world to be the best for the world. A new worldview is as challenging as moving from a flat earth belief to a circular earth perception.

Ship of a New Story is carried out during a three-year period on a ship during the Almedalen week in Visby and is based on three parts: Part 1 is about enabling the platform of Ship of a New Story for those who are not currently represented in Almedalen to participate – a representative average of Sweden’s population. Part 2 is up to five arenas highlighted on the platform with various programs, panel discussions, dialogues workshops, activities and exhibitors. Part 3 is the story itself, ie a New Story, which means that the ship is not only a metaphor for the shift from best-in-world to best-in-world, but it really is the shift itself.

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Host: Stellan Nordahl with Jens Rinnel and Richard Pålsson

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