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Leadermorphosis is a podcast exploring the emerging world of self-management and progressive organisations. Hosted by Lisa Gill, each episode features a guest thought leader or practitioner offering a unique perspective on new and innovative ways of working.

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Format: Podcast

Host: Lisa Gill

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You can listen to the Leadermorphosis podcast on its website, as well as on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. As a teaser here is an example of the episode with Byran Ungard, Chief Purpose Officer at Decurion. Decurion is a parent company of a number of businesses, including movie theatres, real estate and senior living, but it’s less famous for what it does and more for why and how it does it (as featured in the book “An Everyone Culture”). We talk about Deliberately Developmental Organisations, Bryan’s thoughts on why feedback can be dangerous, what he makes of the trend towards self-managing organisations, and how we can help our organisations become more conscious.

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