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Captain Future Show

Lord Sillion aka Captain Future talks to other Future Heroes about how we navigate and create the future together.

I call myself a Future Captain. It’s a person who connects and help other people take personal responsibility in creating a better future for themselves and for all of us. I call them Future Heroes and I make them think about, talk about and create the future we want.

A Future Hero is a person can use their future powers for real to create a better future. It can be anything large to small powers. Just like other skills you have to train and develop your powers every day to become better at them. When you do this together with other Future Heroes you will start to develop new skills as well.

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Format: Dialogues

Host: Michael Sillion


Facebook: @LordSillion

The seventh sense

The feeling for the interconnectedness of all things. Societies snap when bent through forces for which they are not prepared.

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