You Matter

Be the change you wanna see in the world

A famous quote from the great Mahatma Gandhi that most of us have heard. However, most of you probably look at it and shrug thinking: “Well that doesn’t apply to me” or “It doesn’t matter what I do cause I can’t change anything or make an impact”.

That is where you are wrong.

You are ALWAYS being an agent of change just by existing.


As I’ll show to you with the help of psychology and sociology you exert an influence on your surrounding constantly. Whatever you do impacts, enables or limit those people that you meet.

It is easy to hear change and think it only applies on an organizational, national or global level. However, change applies at all levels and constellations, down to individual people’s lives – whether large or small, intentionally or unintentionally.

Listen in to learn more about how just believing that a student is smarter will increase their development and more!

Host: Simon Lundegard

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