On art – earth & existential health

European Cultural Parliament are faced with WHO’s 8 focus areas on existential health and explore the potential of arts in society sharing examples – a session on Eudaimonic well-being and community arts initiatives.

Aristotle stated Eudaimonia as the term for the highest human good. Modern studies on art and health shows a clear connection to theories of well-being and positive psychology. Both approaches share an interest in human flourishing and understanding of wellness as more than an absence of dysfunction and disease.
What seems evident is that arts projects have a broad appeal and can be highly inclusive, for participants with diverse needs. Investigations raises questions about the cultural scaffolds that are in place to support eudaimonic well-being across a lifespan.
WHOs’ list for existential health is: Experience of context, Existential strength and power, Trust as a life force, Meaning of life, Experience of wholeness, Harmony and inner peace, Experience of wonder, Hope!

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