The New Living and Learning Organizational Paradigm

WHY: We have identified the need to both create new forms of organizations and the need to develop leaders who can handle complexity and a rapidly changing world – dynamic living organizations and leaders with the ability to facilitate the transformation towards a paradigm shift. All life in our fantastic world is self-organizing and self-healing. So why shouldn’t life in an organization also be that?

HOW: An open co-created process with the purpose of creating new forms of organization and ways of working.

WHAT: Co-creation of workshop design for Society of Learning, SOL – Stockholm Learning Plaza, Sweden, May 31st. The topic of the co-creation is: ‘How to create a workshop embracing human flourishing and the eternal potential’ and the workshop in the SOL – Learning Plaza Stockholm, is in its turn focusing on ‘How can an organizational structure and culture be created where humans can thrive and prosper while honoring corporate values and higher purpose achieving desired outcome.’

The co-creation is sprouting out of the following guestions:

  • What does the desired outcome look like (and how does it relate to system thinking)?
  • What learning principles do we like to explore and why?
  • What design criterias is critical for impact on change?

Design group: Bo Rex, Martijn Meima, Patrick Bijman, Ella Hellgren, Sten Lindquist and Stellan Nordahl

In the video below, the designgroup gives descriptions of their individual worldview as well as framing the process.

The chosen process is inspired by the circel of creation (the five elements of eastern/chinese philosophy and their relation and forces)

Dialogue and formulation of design group, questions and background – an overview that connects-the-dots (recorded meetings and design document). Sharing of worldviews (recorded presentations). Formulation of way of working (innovation process/the circle of creation/this stepwise process)

Co-creation of workshop design (in a live streamed event during the Best for the World Broadcast March 26th 14:00-15:00 hrs). Public invitation to the stream.

Link to the workshop-format

Webinar/learning circle ‘Business as unusual – a new paradigm’ (SOL-event March 29th 14:00-15:30 ). Public invitation to Zoom-meeting.

Workshop design up-date – insights from webinar/learning circle, time schedule and roles/responsiblities (April 12th 9:00-10:00)

Facilitation of workshop(s) May 31st SOL – Stockholm Learning Plaza, Sweden. Documentation of results.

Storytelling and amplifying (in a live streamed event during Almedalsveckan in Visby, Sweden/Ship of a New Story). Publishing of result. Invitation to continuous learning (community).

“When we do change to people, they experience it as violence.
But when people do change for themselves, they experience it as liberation.”
Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School

SOL Sweden

A new way of thinking is taking shape; organizations and societies are seen as living organisms and the human being as a creative power in them. This changed way of approach opens the mind and gives possibilities to approach “old questions” in a new way. SoL Sweden provides possibilities to learn more about these new approaches and philosophies and to create dialogues and conversations around them, and consequently to bring more creativity and improved leadership into change management in companies and organizations. Home | SOL (

At the SoL Learning Plaza 2014, Arie de Gues formulated the following challenge:

“I think what is needed, what is waiting for you, the next generation, is to find ways to change the internal structures of business and governmental institutions to become much more in harmony with the value systems that have developed since the second world war. That’s your job. That’s waiting for you and that’s a very difficult problem. That’s really organizational learning by accommodation.”

Welcome to join us at The SoL Learning Plaza in Stockholm, Sweden May 31st-June 1st 2022!


Picture Poetry


On art – earth & existential health

European Cultural Parliament are faced with WHO’s 8 focus areas on existential health and explore the potential of arts in society sharing examples – a session on Eudaimonic well-being and community arts initiatives.

Aristotle stated Eudaimonia as the term for the highest human good. Modern studies on art and health shows a clear connection to theories of well-being and positive psychology. Both approaches share an interest in human flourishing and understanding of wellness as more than an absence of dysfunction and disease.
What seems evident is that arts projects have a broad appeal and can be highly inclusive, for participants with diverse needs. Investigations raises questions about the cultural scaffolds that are in place to support eudaimonic well-being across a lifespan.
WHOs’ list for existential health is: Experience of context, Existential strength and power, Trust as a life force, Meaning of life, Experience of wholeness, Harmony and inner peace, Experience of wonder, Hope!


House of Stories


House of Hope

Best for the world building – the House of Hope project

How one persons ideaa can create a new way for planning and building an innovative and sustainable house, by combining known solutions in to new systems and construction combinations.

The net work of this new innovative building talks about the process and how the total sum become greater then the single parts when the co-create. Inour dialoge we will also reflect on the resourse, climate and social scalable effects of the house that is now under construction in Saxtorp Sweden and are already inspireing new building projects and forms of innovative co-creation.

House of Hope – Best for the World Broadcast – YouTube


Tree House Talks

We explore the tree as a metaphore for life and organization. How can the tree help us to see what can´t be seen and live our life as persons, organisations and society.

Format: Dialogue with guest

Host: Stellan Nordahl

Guest: Roland Gudinge


Health = Wealth

Format: lecture

Host: Erman Yeniler


Radio Intentional Decisions

“A lot of people are longing for being best for the world. At the same time our society has forgotten the inner force every human possess. In this series on Intentional Decisions we explore the inner force and how it can set free the Power of choice – and also meet the longing. How we all can participate in making the shift from becoming best in the world to be best for the world.

In dialog we meet with people and organisations who show us it is possible. How do they look att the world and how do they navigate and create?”

Format: Dialogue w guests

Host: Stellan Nordahl

Guests: Martin Hansson, et. al


An Equal Society?!

Format: Dialogue w guests

Host: Adam Taki

Guests: Hassan Al-Mashat, Abdulla Taha


Growth through Stärk

Stärk AB is founded by two persons who want to start a revolution. STÄRK implements health in other companies. With the STÄRK concept a company will have their tailored combination of strategy, knowledge and physical and mental training to boost their performance. Growth through STÄRK is for companies who want to be ahead of the future.

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Format: Dialogue

Hosts: Charlotte Arnberg & Martine Wenstad


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